Customer Supplied Garments


 Gear Impressions waiver of customer supplied product / substrates, garments for decoration be it screen/heat print, engrave, embellish, embroidery of blanks: Gear Impressions prefers to work on garments and product substrates we obtain from known suppliers of products created for decoration. We use apparel and other BLANK products that have been tested and proven to provide quality decoration whether, heat printing, screen printing, engraving, BLING or embroidery. Embroidery machines can on occasion eat, mangle garments. Occasionally during the decoration process, a garment or product substrate will be damaged or resistant to accepting decoration. Sometimes we experience unexpected results decorating untested material. Heat printed /screen printed apparel and printable BLANK substrates may have chemical agents impregnated into the fabric and or substrate that detrimentally affect the decoration application.

If we have supplied the garment or product, we have calculated a margin of error into the overall job cost to replace damaged products. We cannot replace garments or products / substrates we have not provided. If you supply the garment or item substrate and there is a problem, we cannot replace your item. Your damaged piece will be returned to you as is.

The customer must acknowledge awareness and agree to the possibility of decoration mishaps. Problems, mishaps occur on average to product BLANKS at the rate of 2% of substrates decorated, but may damage an entire lot. By signing this waiver, the customer releases Gear Impressions of all responsibility in the instance of damaged or unexpected results to the customer’s supplied garment or substrate (s) decorated whether heat printed, screen printed, BLING printed or embroidered.

Payment for services implies agreement to these terms.