Spangle Transfers

Spangle Application Instructions

Custom Pricing

Spangle Transfers - discount is based on individual design
Color changes on a single design require minimum of quantity 3 transfers per color.

Standard size - Up to 8" x 10"  - larger designs require custom quoting.
Qty 1-9 - $10 each
Qty 10-19 - $9 each
Qty 20 -> - $8 each 

Shipping - $9.95 - USPS Priority Mail
Free shipping with $150 of transfers.

Import of any standard vector setup for rhinestones or spangles included in price
File types  .svg .eps .cdr  .ai .studio3 or HFE17 .dsg files


Simple Design is $25 for text and simple image/vector 
Complex Designs require quoting
Design is for transfer only. Designs are kept on file for additional orders. 


Design is $50 per hour
One hour minimum
Zip file will includes - .cdr(2019) .plt and HFE17(.dsg) files, along with a standard mock-up and a mock-up with design details(dimension/spangle count). 
Other formats available upon request.
Design will be setup for Spangles or Rhinestones based on your request. 

If you have any questions please ask.



Bring your own design details.

Supported sizes 1.2mm(SS4), 2mm(SS6), 3mm(SS10), 4mm(SS16)
Any design that exceeds the number of colors based on the Qty below will incur a color change fee of $2 per transfer.
Example if you build a design that uses 3 colors of a 2mm spangle each design would cost an additional $2.
Qty of each for design layout available. Please size your design with a max of 6 sizes matching the quantity below.

Qty 1 - 1.2mm (SS4) - plus $2 per transfer to use SS4
Qty 2 - 2mm (SS6)
Qty 3 - 3mm (SS10)
Qty 1 - 4mm (SS16)

No design that exceeds any 6 of the sizes will be accepted.
Example you can have a design with Qty 1 - 4mm - Qty 2 - 2mm - Qty 3 - 3mm = 6 total 

Please reach out for a custom quote and details.


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